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  • Get creative and make pictures through magnetism with this easy to use craft set for kids 2 sets available: Pictures or Faces
  • Place magnetic pieces on one side of the magnetic drawing board and shake to make shapes with the iron filings in sealed window
  • 6 colour cards are included and can be slid behind the board to create different scenes on the kids magnetic board
  • Includes a magnetic tipped pen to customize your pictures even more
  • Develop Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) skills with this experimental magnetic drawing board
  • 46 colourful magnetic pieces that can be placed on the magnetic drawing board.
  • Follow the suggested patterns on the cards or get creative and make your own

Doodle and get creative with the magnetic shakers drawing board for children. Place the 46 magnetic pieces on the board and shake to recreate the image in iron filings in the sealed frame on the other side. Get creative with the 6 colour cards that are included, which can be easily slid behind to create different scenes. The magnetic drawing board is perfect as an on the go and easy craft for kids or as a gift. The magnetic shakers drawing board gives a well-loved traditional toy a modern twist that appeals to a new generation of children. Kids can use the magnetic board and 46 magnetic pieces to create and doodle whatever their imagination allows and makes it more than just a drawing board. Simply place magnetic pieces on one side of the magnetic board and shake to replicate the image in iron filings on the other side in the sealed window. This childrens art kit comes in two fun sets, pictures and face. Each kids magnetic drawing board comes with 6 reversible picture cards and enables endless creativity. Children are enchanted by this educational toy and love to make and shake their pictures. The childrens art set even includes a magnetic tipped pen to customise their works of art or just doodle away. With the magnetic shakers board, the possibilities are endless. The magnetic shakers drawing board – Faces has glasses, hats, hair and more to make lots of fun faces.

This mess-free and easy arts and crafts set for kids is ideal for use as a travel toy or as a fun activity at home. Arts and craft sets for kids like the magnetic shakers drawing board can make perfect creative gifts for Birthdays, Easter or Christmas.

Age: 3-6 (18 x 25.5 cm, Pieces: 48)

Code: T-2998

EAN: 5034309118864

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