Magnetic Maze Kraze

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  • Maze Kraze: Make marble runs and more with Magnetic 3D puzzle pieces
  • Includes 29 Magnetic marble run pieces, 5 marbles, printed metallic playboard and instructions and puzzles leaflet
  • Place the track magnets on the included board to solve marble maze puzzles and make marble runs on metal surfaces such as fridge doors
  • Cool marble racing; make a labyrinth game on the magnetic playboard and hurry your marbles around it to beat friends and the clock
  • Ingenious clear covers on the marble run pieces allow marbles to run through vertically without falling out.
  • Perfect to develop children’s hand-eye coordination and encourages physical problem solving
  • Fun science game and STEM toy explores gravity and mechanics concepts
  • Challenges kids to solve physical strategy puzzles through marble runs – puzzles included and they can invent their own brain teasers
  • Maze Kraze takes the classic marble run to a new dimension

Children will love this versatile 3-in-1 marble run game that’s so much more than a a marble run or a puzzle. Maze Kraze is a magnetic marble run, maze game and fridge magnet game all in one, designed to help children problem solve brain teaser puzzles they’ve created themselves.

Children of all ages enjoy the fun of playing with marbles and the satisfaction of completing puzzles, and Maze Craze combines both of these activities into an educational game that encourages problem-solving and creativity.

But Maze Kraze is a not a traditional jigsaw puzzle or marble maze game. It’s a puzzle game that gives children the freedom to create and solve a problem of their own creation!

Each set contains 29 magnetic marble run pieces, five marbles, a magnetic playboard, instructions and a puzzles leaflet.

By placing wooden track magnets on the printed metallic board, children can create a labyrinth, marble run or maze game and enjoy solving brain teaser puzzles or have fun marble racing against the clock with friends. With three ways to play, children can enjoy the very best puzzle games for kids in this colorful and inventive game.

It can be played on other metallic surfaces, even on the fridge, and no matter what angle it’s placed at, transparent covers over each of the pieces means the marbles won’t fall out.

Best of all, the 3D puzzle game is as educational as it is fun, encouraging hand-eye coordination and problem-solving. It supports STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) learning outside of a typical teaching environment by making learning fun, and exploring concepts such as gravity and mechanics. Cool math games and science toys like Maze Craze are a great way to encourage children to understand the importance of these subject areas in their everyday lives and develop a passion for them through informal play, individually or with friends and family.

Maze Craze takes the classic marble run and turns it into a magnetic 3D jigsaw puzzle, encouraging children and adults alike to enjoy thought-provoking strategy games that aid learning in a fun and unique way.

Age: 6-12 (26 x 34 cm, Pieces: 33)

Code: T-2996

EAN: 5034309119076

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