Waxi Doodles

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Awesome Modelling Sticks



  • Suitable for ages: 3 - Adult
  • No. of Players: 1 or more
  • Skills: Concentration, Creativity, Fine Motor Skills, Understanding Colour, Understanding Shapes, Visual Perception
  • Learning tool for people with Dyspraxia and Dyslexia
  • Can be played using non-verbal communications skills

Unleash raw creativity with these amazing and reusable 3D modelling bendable sticks with a waxy surface.


The genius design of Waxi Doodles lets you bend and attach sticks to each other and smooth surfaces with just a little fingertip pressure. The set includes 150 sticks in a range of 15 vibrant colours.


Use the included durable wood board for pictures, decorations and writing out letters and words. Best of all, your creations don’t have to be plain old flat pictures; add height and construct stunning 3D shapes. There are loads of ideas and activities in the included booklet.


And the creative juices will not stop there! You can decorate pens, mirrors, glasses and well, almost anything with a smooth surface. The tactile Waxi Doodles are totally addictive and will give kids hours and hours of creative fun. For younger children, creating letters and words with the sticks will improve their understanding of letter formation.


It’s good to know that whilst playing they will be improving their creative and finger dexterity skills (and away from screens!).


Waxidoodles are completely reusable, and can be easily removed and the colours won’t mix. Any residue can be simply wiped away with a dry cloth.


What we think:

We have a set here and just love freeing our inner sculptor with this clever crafting set. So much fun and endless creative possibilities.


Age: 3-Adult


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